Wonder Woman

Finally got the chance to see this movie in the theater. I thought it was..okay. Very dark and gloomy, just like the “Batman” movies.

There were moments that were slow and tend to drag a bit. The fighting and special effects were spectacular. But I found myself dosing in and out.

Hopefully the “Justice League” will hold my attention. I look forward to seeing how the “Flash” character is portrayed. I am a fan of the television show with the same name and character. =]


Halo Top Ice Cream

A friend of mine liked a link on Facebook for “Halo Top Ice Cream“.

Ice cream that is high in protein, low calories and low sugar. Most people would think “low sugar”, it must taste awful.

I’ve tried the “Peanut Butter Cup” and “Salted Caramel” flavors and it didn’t taste bad at all. It’s less calories and if you are counting the calories or even carbs, then this will satisfy your craving. Just don’t go overboard and eat an entire pint in one sitting. LOL

Key word “moderation” and “per serving” when it comes to desserts.


Rockaway Beach, OR

It was our first time visiting here. A bit overcast and not that warm.

We arrived around noon and there wasn’t much parking available. But we found a spot.

Had lunch at Cow Belle Cafe. We both ordered burgers and fries. I had a mushroom burger and it was all GONE and delicious!!

Then we walked on the beach. You can hear the ocean and see the waves.

Sorry the pictures were uploaded in reverse order..LOL