Mongolian Beef

Someone on Facebook posted this recipe and so that is what we are having for dinner tonight.

Slow Cooker Mongolian Beef

Cut the flank steak in strips. In the beginning I cut them long and thick. Next time I’ll thin it out a bit more.

In a bag put corn starch and beef steak strips in a zip lock bag and shake.

Add olive oil, garlic, carrots, brown sugar, soy sauce, water and steak, stir thoroughly, care and cook for 3 hours on medium. The recipes requires 4 hours, but I think 3 hours might be okay (my stove top tends to cook pretty fast).

2 and half hours to go! I will post the end result later….toodles!

I over cooked it and the meat became tough and sticky. It didn’t turn out as expected. Next time I’ll know better. Sigh… “cook and learn”.