Blast Burger

Blast Burger was suggested. There were mix reviews on Yelp and this was my choice for lunch.

When we walked in, there was only a couple there and they seemed to have finished their meal.

I ordered the “Big Cheese” burger with fries and an orange soda. As we waited for our meal, people slowly came in.

There was this pretty cool mural with an astronaut and the universe in the background through an open hole in a wall.

They have music night on certain days. Nice selection of beer and cocktails. The waiter was friendly and helpful with the day’s specials.

Our burgers arrived! I was either starving and didn’t care what was in front of me, but my burger was delicious. It was nice and juicy, so juicy that every time I took a bite, I would use my napkin because of the juice dripping down. The fries were a bit salty but again I was so hungry, that I ate it all!

I would definitely recommend this place to others. =]