This is the latest new show on FX based on a Marvel comic with the same name. Season 1 has eight episodes.

I’ve seen the first one and here are my thoughts..

Show begins with a Who song and you see the main character David Haller as a baby, then his childhood, teen years and then an adult. As you see him growing, in the background things are in slow motion and a bit blurry. David is in the center of all this. As I watch this, I’m thinking “this reminds me so much of the movie Watchmen“.  There is a scene in Watchmen, where each hero is murdered and Bob Dylan’s song is being heard and things are in slow motion.

As Legion plays out, we see that David is hearing voices in his head and is admitted to a psychiatric hospital after he tried to hang himself. Name of the hospital was “Clockworks Psychiatric”. There was a cult movie called “Clockwork Orange”, which I’ve seen once as a kid and am familiar with the storyline. The main character played by Malcolm McDowell was admitted to a psych ward.

There is a character name Sydney “Syd Barrett” and my husband pointed out that it’s the name of a band member from Pink Floyd who suffered from a mental illness.

Is David crazy or is it his supernatural powers? Is this all in his mind or is it real? In David’s mind, everyone seems to be from the late 60’s judging by the hairstyles and clothes. Then in some scenes, there are objects that are from this century. There was one quirky scene or dream sequence where Syd and David are dancing Bollywood with those in the psych ward.

Not sure where the storyline for this show is going, but it will be interesting to see  the other seven episodes.