Next Level Burger

I was at 365 Whole Foods market and it was around lunch time. Right inside, was a burger place “Next Level Burger“.

I saw people in line and went to check out the menu. Not only do they serve burgers but they also have hot dogs.

I scanned the menu briefly and got the impression that it was vegan. Then I looked at their website and realized that they do have burgers with meat.

This place will be on my “check it out”, next time I have a craving for a burger.

I ended up getting a slice of cheese pizza at 365 Whole Foods market. One slice is 3 bucks and two slices is 5 bucks. It smelled good and the slice is pretty big. You serve yourself (there are individual slice boxes) and they had veggie, pepperoni and sausage and there was another one but I can’t remember what it was.