Blue Moon Coffee

Since we had a break from the rain, hubby and I decided to go out for breakfast and hangout at a coffee shop.

I found this place on Yelp. It’s a nice and small with few tables, couches and water color paintings of dogs. Me, being a dog owner, those were brownie points in my book. 😊

They had a breakfast menu with sandwiches. There pastry selection looked delicious. It’s good that we got there before a woman ordered mostly all their pastries. Phew!

The people there were nice and friendly.

I had a latte and cinnamon apple muffin. It was a bit dry (I eat the top off first) but when I worked my way down to the midddle I came across the chunks of apple and it was moist.

We didn’t stay long because it started to become loud and busy. Hubby wanted to do some work, so we headed home.