Portland Women’s Expo 2019

See post and pictures at I Got an iPhone camera “ I luv 2 take a photograph”


Portland Womens Expo

Tomorrow is the “Women’s Expo“, oddly it’s only for one day. I read it on FaceBook as event happening in Portland.

I read great reviews about past years and last year’s had some mix reviews.

This is my first time attending and I’m hoping to get some cool samples and buy some interesting things.

I bought tickets through “Groupon”. At the time I paid 6 dollars (original price was 10 dollars) and NOW I read that tickets are selling for 3 dollars!

Of course I’ll write a review on my experience….

Pretty Crafty

During our trip to New Zealand, we bought a dish towel.

I thought, it would make a nice piece for one of our walls. Why not frame it? I saw the frames available and didn’t quite like most of them. Plus we have too many framed art.

Then I got creative. I bought a wood stick at Joann fabrics and painted it black. I sewed the dish towel over the stick so it would be hanging and I used yarn to hang over a hook or nail on the wall.

Ta da!!

My Travel Blog

I always search for things to do and restaurants. Whether it’s local or at a nearby town, if I’m visiting another state or in another country.

I recently created a new blog that focuses on the things that I search for. Perhaps it will be of some interests to others.

So far..I’ve posted about New Zealand and Oregon.

This year, I’m planning to go to Spain, Northern California and Seattle. Also, I’m going to my first beer fest in Oregon.

Here’s my blog: I Got An IPhone Camera “I luv 2 take a photograph”

The title pays homage to Paul Simon’s Kodachrome. In the song it’s “I got a Nikon camera, I love to take a photograph”.

Danish Pancake Balls

Also known as “Aebleskiver”.

I’ve first heard about this, while watching “The Great British Baking Show”.

I did some researching and I found a Pan that makes them.

Simple to make. You can make the batter from scratch or mix from a box.

The pan is non -stick but I still use Pam spray. It only takes a few minutes on medium heat. Pour a table spoon first of batter, add tiny portion of filling if desired (jam, pineapple, peanut butter, etc.). It cooks quickly, after 2 minutes turn over with spoon and cook another minute.

I put grape jelly and pineapple filling, with powdered sugar. Tastes delicious!!

Wellington Zoo

After the walk from the bus stop to the zoo, there were steep hills to climb in order to view the exhibits.

There weren’t many animals out. They were either sleeping or hiding.

We saw sheep, gorillas, cheetah, capybara, penguins and parrots.