Holiday Wreath


Home Made Sign

I needed to make a “clean/dirty” sign for the dishwasher.

I found a decorative piece of wood at Joann Fabric on sale. I had paint already at home, a potato chip bag clip and string.

This was the end result….

Yelp Elite

I’m an avid Yelp reviewer. Not just for restaurants but shopping and events as well.

I’ve been with Yelp since 2013 and have written about 88 reviews ( California, Australia, other places I’ve visited and Oregon).

I’ve only had one bad response to one of my reviews and I’ve deleted that review. Now I’m careful for what I write and if I don’t have nothing nice to say, then just don’t say it.

Other than that, I’ve got a few “likes”, “helpful”.

Few months ago I got an invitation to become an “Elite” member. I was so honored cause now I’m a VIP! LOL

What are the perks for being an Elite member? You get invited to Elite group events. One thing about this is that they don’t give you much notice to accept the invite. The timing hasn’t been good but once the next event happens, I will attend.

Aside from my daily routine, crafts, this blog and Yelp reviews, it keeps me busy. =)

Lokai bracelets

Find your balance..Lokai. I saw an ad for this on Facebook.

There are bracelets for causes and for every purchase, a dollar is donated to that charity.

It stretches to fit the wrist. I have a wide wrist so I ordered the largest size xl (it doesn’t feel tight but judging by the pics on website it’s suppose to be snug).

I placed an order and it was a size 6 (from Amazon). I noticed it when it arrived. It was the default size and I forgot to change it. I tried it on and it fit okay but I felt like it was cutting my circulation on my wrist. I had no problem returning it and got a refund back quickly.

I then ordered the right size and I’m very happy with it so far. I’ve gotten compliments on it.

By the way, I got the “autism” bracelet. My sweet 6 year old great-niece has autism. 💕

Rose City Comic Con

I’ve been to a few of these events (in California, then I moved two years ago to Oregon).

This is my second time in Oregon to attend. I wasn’t that impressed. They had Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum from “Smallville” as panel speakers. They were funny and entertaining.

My husband had watched all the episodes. I’ve seen a few.

After them was Caity Lotz and Brandon Routh from “Legends of Tomorrow”. They weren’t so entertaining and a bit boring. The questions asked weren’t difficult to answer and they seemed a bit bored and out of touch.

We didn’t stay through the whole thing and went to grab lunch.

I ended up buying a “Game of Thrones” mystery box.

It had two tumblers, mug, cutting board, buttons, magnet (not pictured) and a journal book. I was happy with what I got!

Doggie Breath

I received an email from Dogster regarding “dogs with bad breath” and remedies for it.

Of course brushing fido’s teeth was one. The other is drinking water.

And the one I’ve been trying is “coconut oil” (I bought a bottle and it looks like lard or crisco). Put a teaspoon in the dog food, once a day. I use my fingers so to thoroughly mix it in. Dogs seem to like the taste. My dog seems to not notice any difference in his food! =)