On This Date..

I was born!!

This morning I had my free birthday coffee from Starbucks.

Had to take the car in for a tune up and the dealership had complimentary donuts and when the car was done, also received a nice bag of chocolates.

A good friend game me doggie socks (6 pairs of different breeds). Very adorable!

So far, it’s been an AWESOME day!!


Cold Brew Fest

Vancouver, Washington had its first “Cold Brew Fest” at Esther Short Park. The tasters get to vote for the best cold brew and nitro. I voted for my favorite nitro and hubby voted for the cold brew.

Beautiful weather, nice turn out, lots of people and DOGS.

There were about 12 to 15 brewers. A glass and 15 tokens for $20 or 20 tokens for $25 or 25 for $30.

Hubby and I shared a glass and 20 tokens. Most of the brews were dark and I liked the taste of the ones that have that caramel look “light brown”.

I had a great time meeting the brewers, seeing all the dogs (I’m a dog lover and proud owner of one).

Here is a pic of the glass and a few stickers/cards of the brewers.

More Wreaths

A friend of mine has a birthday on July 11th, so I made a wreath with her favorite things. She likes the color yellow, happy faces and playing slots. So….I put yellow roses, two sunflowers with happy face stickers in the center and stickers that read “casino” and slot machine panel. Pretty creative huh?

Then, I made a Fourth of July wreath for the front door. It came out nicely.

By Design Pizza

I was craving for pizza, so hubby and I tried out By Design Pizza in Beaverton, Oregon for the first time.

Few of the pizzas are named after places of Oregon.

I had the “PDX Lex” it had spinach, virgin olive oil, sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, feta cheese. mozzarella cheese and I added pineapples.

At first the dough is paper thin but after it comes out of the oven, it is flaky and crispy.

It was delicious!

Dexter Brewhouse

We came here for brunch. Not too many people and we were seated right away.

We both ordered fried chicken and french toast. There were two big size chicken pieces. It was delicious and filling. Mmm

The staff was friendly and attentive. We didn’t wait too long for our meal. Nice casual atmosphere.

There were so many delicious dishes on the menu. You should give this place a try.

Pike Place Market

It’s my second time visiting here. This place is rarely empty.

Crowds of people, places to grab a quick bite, lots of stores to browse, art work, fruits and vegetables AND the smell of fish!

I learned that there are two large piggy banks. Rachel and Billie. I found Rachel but had no idea where Billie. Thanks to the helpful lady at the information booth, she told me where to find him.