June Wreath

Theme is summer…


Pike Place Market

It’s my second time visiting here. This place is rarely empty.

Crowds of people, places to grab a quick bite, lots of stores to browse, art work, fruits and vegetables AND the smell of fish!

I learned that there are two large piggy banks. Rachel and Billie. I found Rachel but had no idea where Billie. Thanks to the helpful lady at the information booth, she told me where to find him.

Interesting Morning

Seriously?!? There are no locks in the women’s restroom stalls at Pike Place Market. At least the one that I went to.

You can’t really look to see the person’s feet if someone is there. The door is low so trying not to creepy, very carefully you can do a quick glance, which I did!

Once in, you need to use your foot or then forward to hold the door shut. Someone tried to push in and I called out “I’m in here and the doors have no locks”. She was laughing and was wondering why she was having a hard time getting in. LOL

I know better not to use this restroom and go to Target, which is close by.


We are staying in downtown Seattle. Very nice accommodations. Everything is up to date and cozy.

Kitchen with an island. An area to eat. Good size bed. Big walk in closet. There is a sitting area outside with a table and chairs. But you share the space with the neighbors beside you. Long bush trees are used as separation between us and neighbors.

Cloth Wreath

Material: 10 inch wire wreath, fabric cutter, ruler and strips of fabric (I used two different patterns).

Cut the fabric in 2 1/2 by 8 inch strips. Then start tying them in a knot rotating the patterns. I followed a video on YouTube. Easy, simple and helpful.

I started around September and with a lot of procrastinating and cutting all the material. I started going back on this project mid February and finished it mid March.