100 Days Of Drawing

Yes! I’m up for the challenge and I’m hoping to be consistent.

Saw this book and had to get it.

Food Carts In Beaverton

BG Food Cartel is the third food “court” pods I’ve been to in Oregon.

First, was in Portland, located in downtown. Busy area, no place to eat and in tight quarters. Parking is not easy to find. Food was okay and we ended up eating in the car.

Second, was in Salem. There tables, chairs and stools. Parking lots was crowned and we managed to get a spot. Food was good. Easy to find a place to eat. Lots of flies.

Just recently we went to BG Cartel. Across the street was a parking lot and spaces available. Nice set up. Dogs allowed. There is a grass area for kids to play or people to sit down. Seating areas with picnic tables and umbrellas for shade. Lots of foods to choose from. I ended up with a classic cheese grill sandwich and fries. My husband had bison with pasta. For dessert we had ice cream.

I liked this place and would definitely go back.

Portland Womens Expo

Tomorrow is the “Women’s Expo“, oddly it’s only for one day. I read it on FaceBook as event happening in Portland.

I read great reviews about past years and last year’s had some mix reviews.

This is my first time attending and I’m hoping to get some cool samples and buy some interesting things.

I bought tickets through “Groupon”. At the time I paid 6 dollars (original price was 10 dollars) and NOW I read that tickets are selling for 3 dollars!

Of course I’ll write a review on my experience….

Pretty Crafty

During our trip to New Zealand, we bought a dish towel.

I thought, it would make a nice piece for one of our walls. Why not frame it? I saw the frames available and didn’t quite like most of them. Plus we have too many framed art.

Then I got creative. I bought a wood stick at Joann fabrics and painted it black. I sewed the dish towel over the stick so it would be hanging and I used yarn to hang over a hook or nail on the wall.

Ta da!!