My Travel Blog

I always search for things to do and restaurants. Whether it’s local or at a nearby town, if I’m visiting another state or in another country.

I recently created a new blog that focuses on the things that I search for. Perhaps it will be of some interests to others.

So far..I’ve posted about New Zealand and Oregon.

This year, I’m planning to go to Spain, Northern California and Seattle. Also, I’m going to my first beer fest in Oregon.

Here’s my blog: I Got An IPhone Camera “I luv 2 take a photograph”

The title pays homage to Paul Simon’s Kodachrome. In the song it’s “I got a Nikon camera, I love to take a photograph”.


Danish Pancake Balls

Also known as “Aebleskiver”.

I’ve first heard about this, while watching “The Great British Baking Show”.

I did some researching and I found a Pan that makes them.

Simple to make. You can make the batter from scratch or mix from a box.

The pan is non -stick but I still use Pam spray. It only takes a few minutes on medium heat. Pour a table spoon first of batter, add tiny portion of filling if desired (jam, pineapple, peanut butter, etc.). It cooks quickly, after 2 minutes turn over with spoon and cook another minute.

I put grape jelly and pineapple filling, with powdered sugar. Tastes delicious!!

Wellington Zoo

After the walk from the bus stop to the zoo, there were steep hills to climb in order to view the exhibits.

There weren’t many animals out. They were either sleeping or hiding.

We saw sheep, gorillas, cheetah, capybara, penguins and parrots.


Weta Workshop

If you are familiar or a fan of “Lord of the Rings” trilogy movies or even the “Hobbits”, this is the place to visit.

The gift shop has memorabilia of the mentioned movies and other productions that were filmed in the Weta Studio.

We booked the Weta Workshop tour. It’s about 15 minutes. Our tour guide Kevin was funny and informative.

We saw props and how they were made.

The Crab Shack

Despite the down pour of rain and gusty winds, it was crowded. At 6:45 pm, there was a 20 minute wait.

We were seated and people started coming in. It was loud and not easy to have a casual conversation.

For starters l, I had an apple cider and my husband had a beer.

We both ordered “the welly” crumbed fish fillet l, shack tartar l, Swiss cheese, iceberg lettuce & tomato, served with steak fries & creamed corn.


It was delicious!! The fish was flaky and tasty. Fries weren’t too hot temperature wise, they were just right. And the creamed corn was yummy.

The staff was friendly and attentive. When they are busy, it does take awhile for the food to arrive.

Lots of choices to choose from on the menu. If you are craving seafood and in the area, give them a try.