Halo Top Ice Cream

A friend of mine liked a link on Facebook for “Halo Top Ice Cream“.

Ice cream that is high in protein, low calories and low sugar. Most people would think “low sugar”, it must taste awful.

I’ve tried the “Peanut Butter Cup” and “Salted Caramel” flavors and it didn’t taste bad at all. It’s less calories and if you are counting the calories or even carbs, then this will satisfy your craving. Just don’t go overboard and eat an entire pint in one sitting. LOL

Key word “moderation” and “per serving” when it comes to desserts.


Rockaway Beach, OR

It was our first time visiting here. A bit overcast and not that warm.

We arrived around noon and there wasn’t much parking available. But we found a spot.

Had lunch at Cow Belle Cafe. We both ordered burgers and fries. I had a mushroom burger and it was all GONE and delicious!!

Then we walked on the beach. You can hear the ocean and see the waves.

Sorry the pictures were uploaded in reverse order..LOL


Symposium ☕️ 

Hubby and I were in Tigard, OR and past by a coffee place called Symposium.

I checked out their website and read about “lavender latte” which is a customer favorite and popular.

We were in the neighborhood and decided to give it a try. I ordered a 12 oz “lavender latte”. The aroma of lavender was obvious. It tastes like tea with milk and espresso. It’s not a strong taste but not too sweet either. It’s very calming and I liked it!! Hubby had coffee ☕️ and we shared a piece of “blueberry, cheesecake coffee cake”. The slice was big enough for two.

It wasn’t that busy and lots of tables were available. There were rooms for privacy, to read or surf the net.

We would definitely be returning back. 😊

Brew Coffee and Tap House

Hubby and I were meeting a friend for lunch and a movie. Our friend lives 2 hours drive from us, so we decided to meet in the middle in Independence, OR.

It’s our first time visiting this town. Serene, small and quaint. They had a farmer’s market. We parked at the movie theater and walked to “downtown” for lunch. As we were walking, there weren’t much shops and restaurants that were open. I got a whiff of food coming from “Brew Coffee and Tap House“. We decided to go there.

The server was nice and friendly. He said that the bread for the sandwiches and Stromboli are made fresh from the bakery next door and the pasta is made from the noodle place a few stores down.

I had the Roast Beef Stromboli (pictured), my husband had the Philly Cheesesteak with a salad and our friend had Italian Stromboli.

Our food was delicious!!