It’s My Birthday!!





Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

This movie was cute, funny and entertaining. Of course the first one was good but this one wasn’t that bad either. I liked both! =]

Baby Groot was ADORABLE and full of mischief.

There was some touching moments and a sad one too but I won’t give it away. Looking forward to seeing them in “Avengers: Infinity War”next year. That is going to be one powerful movie with super hero overload!


Where’s the Spring weather??

It’s been a wet and windy Spring so far. I guess this is what I have to expect since I’m so used to Northern California weather.

We did have a day where it was sunny, clear skies and the weather was around 70 degrees.

Grey skies are going to clear up
Hopefully the sun will come out
And then it will feel like Spring



Cities in Oregon Pronunciations

Willamette – Me: Willa-Met   Correct Way: Will-am-it

Tigard – Me: Tea-guard   Correct Way: Tie-gerd

Tualatin – Me: To-a-latin   Correct Way: Tu-ALL-ah-tin

I’m learning and now I know how to pronounce them. =]


Homemade Trail Mix

I bought a bag of pre made trail mix at Safeway. I noticed that it was VERY salty. It had 50 mg of sodium! That is not good for someone like me who has high blood pressure. I looked at other pre made trail mixes and the lowest sodium was 35 mg. 😠

I found a much “healthier” way. I bought a bag  of unsalted peanuts and cashews. Added raisins, m & ms (plain, peanut butter or whichever flavors fancies your taste or craving), mini Reese’s cups, malt balls. You can buy movie box candies for a dollar or sometimes they are on sale. 

Pour the desired ingredients in a zip loc bag and you’ve made your very own trail mix!


Cross Fingers

In California, I registered as a Democrat and they had me as an Independent Party. I’ve changed it to Democrat every time we needed to vote. I wrote arrows and circled “Democrat” and STILL it was never changed.

I moved from California to Oregon in January of this year. I just received a Voter Card to register.

Sigh….one can only hope that this state will do the right thing and recognize me as a Democrat. Hehe LOL


L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole

No matter what mood I’m in, this song picks my spirits up! It so happens that today is the day of LOVE, that I’m posting about it.

It has a good beat and if you listen carefully, Nat King Cole is truly in love and he’s making it known to the world.

It’s on my “thumbs up” list on Pandora. Enjoy the song!