Cool Coasters

I saw an advertisement from Michaels regarding oven clay coasters.

I made a few of them at home and they came out nicely!


Fall Is Here!

I don’t usually decorate my house during the holidays. But since we moved into our new home in Oregon and we have a designer, time for a change.

This morning I finished adding some “fall” touch in the half bathroom.

Lavender Latte

Even though the temp outside is in the 90s, it’s cool inside with the AC on. Drinking a “lavender latte” hits the spot with its smooth, relaxing and tranquil taste. 

Mmm Happy Wednesday! ☕️ 


Luscher Farm

There are two dog parks and a trail nearby the farm. Lots of parking available.

This was my “go to” place to walk with my dog. Beautiful scenery along the trail. You can own a plot to grow your own crop. They give cooking classes and nature classes for kids. Across from the farm are other farms as well.

I currently live in Tigard, OR. I’ll need to find a nearby trail for my dog and I. 😊


George Rogers Park

We’ve been in Oregon now for 3 months (arrived in January 2017) and FINALLY I went to George Rogers Park.

I decided to take my dog, Melbourne aka “Mel” for a walk. The last time he was in a car was when we drove from California to Oregon and it was that big snow experience. He had no clue as to where we were going.

I drive in and parked where the entrance was and didn’t know that there was more parking further down near the lake. Now I know better. =]

We started walking and I remember to bring a bunch of bags, just in case I need to pick up after Mel. The lake was BEAUTIFUL. I heard ducks, there were runners, walkers and cyclists. Lots of trails and walk bridges. There are places to sit, there is a public restrooms and places to have picnics.

Whenever the weather isn’t overcast or raining, this will be a “mommy” and “doggie” thing.


Honey and Tea

A cup of green tea and a drop of honey is the best remedy for a sore throat.

This tiny bear bottle of honey cost 2.99 compared to a 12 oz at 5.99. I don’t use that much.

Feeling under the weather has me not cooking much but next week I should be back to normal. 😃



Waiting to watch Liverpool FC play against Manchester City game at Bazi Biebrasiere in Portland, OR.

For now, I’m enjoying my mimosa. Cheers!!