Italian Sausage with Pasta

Mild Italian sausage, diced tomatoes, broccoli, chopped garlic over penne pasta. Topped with Ricotta cheese. 


Simply and Easy

Had a box of red beans and rice, some ground beef and broccoli.

Cooked the ground beef and put it aside. Followed the instructions on the box for the red beans and rice. The last ten minutes, I added broccoli in with the red beans as it is cooking. Once done let it stand away from heat for 5 minutes covered. Add in the ground beef and dinner is ready!

Chicken Adobo

My mom (she passed away 15 years old) would make this dish without measuring ingredients. She warmed the pot, threw in stuff and then the chicken. Bam!  Dinner was cooked. 

I can never duplicate the taste but my version isn’t that bad. 😃

It was delicious over noodles and served with broccoli.