Pretty Crafty

During our trip to New Zealand, we bought a dish towel.

I thought, it would make a nice piece for one of our walls. Why not frame it? I saw the frames available and didn’t quite like most of them. Plus we have too many framed art.

Then I got creative. I bought a wood stick at Joann fabrics and painted it black. I sewed the dish towel over the stick so it would be hanging and I used yarn to hang over a hook or nail on the wall.

Ta da!!


Home Made Sign

I needed to make a “clean/dirty” sign for the dishwasher.

I found a decorative piece of wood at Joann Fabric on sale. I had paint already at home, a potato chip bag clip and string.

This was the end result….

No Sew Tutu

I found a video on how to make easy no sew tutus.

Materials: scissor, tulle (6 in by 25 yard spools), elastic (1/2 in wide), needle and thread to sew the eclectic (that is the only sewing).

You can use 2 or 3 different colors of tulle.

For one, I used pink, purple and red for my six year old great-niece. And for her 4 year old sister, I used pink, blue and purple.

It took me about an hour to make them (cutting pieces, knot tying the strips of tulle (rotating the colors).

More Wreaths

A friend of mine has a birthday on July 11th, so I made a wreath with her favorite things. She likes the color yellow, happy faces and playing slots. So….I put yellow roses, two sunflowers with happy face stickers in the center and stickers that read “casino” and slot machine panel. Pretty creative huh?

Then, I made a Fourth of July wreath for the front door. It came out nicely.