Lavender Latte

Even though the temp outside is in the 90s, it’s cool inside with the AC on. Drinking a “lavender latte” hits the spot with its smooth, relaxing and tranquil taste. 

Mmm Happy Wednesday! ☕️ 


Symposium ☕️ 

Hubby and I were in Tigard, OR and past by a coffee place called Symposium.

I checked out their website and read about “lavender latte” which is a customer favorite and popular.

We were in the neighborhood and decided to give it a try. I ordered a 12 oz “lavender latte”. The aroma of lavender was obvious. It tastes like tea with milk and espresso. It’s not a strong taste but not too sweet either. It’s very calming and I liked it!! Hubby had coffee ☕️ and we shared a piece of “blueberry, cheesecake coffee cake”. The slice was big enough for two.

It wasn’t that busy and lots of tables were available. There were rooms for privacy, to read or surf the net.

We would definitely be returning back. 😊