First Wreath For 2019



Wreath Of The Month

This month’s wreath is dedicated to “Mother’s Day”. My mom passed away 16 years ago on May 5th.

Each color of the flowers represent my mom, sisters and my birthstones. I tried to match the colors as best as I could.

It came out nicely. =)

Cloth Wreath

Material: 10 inch wire wreath, fabric cutter, ruler and strips of fabric (I used two different patterns).

Cut the fabric in 2 1/2 by 8 inch strips. Then start tying them in a knot rotating the patterns. I followed a video on YouTube. Easy, simple and helpful.

I started around September and with a lot of procrastinating and cutting all the material. I started going back on this project mid February and finished it mid March.

St Patrick’s Day & Spring

I noticed, as I’m walking my dog around our neighborhood, that a majority of houses have wreaths on their front door. A wreath for every season.

I decided to make one. With a help of a video on YouTube, I did just that.

Materials needed: green tube ring, burlap ribbon, green plastic flowers and butterflies. All these were purchased at the dollar store.